Turkish Business Environment | bilgiMBA

In MBA education practical ability to evaluate the drastic changes and information is as important as the theoretical knowledge.
Turkish business life is deeply influenced by changes in the world and in Turkey.
BUS 632- Turkish Business Environment has a format to evaluate all these changes and environmental influences within the context of the weekly cirriculum.
During the courses, the interrelations between the companies, organisations and the effects of economic and political decisions of the executive power, together with the government incentives and government procurements are also carefully studied.

The aim of the course is to encourage students to critically examine management theories and practices in contemporary societies. More specifically, it has a number of objectives: to understand the change in management thought and its relationship to the changing circumstances of development; to explore the process of managerial decision-making and strategy formulation; to investigate Turkey’s structure, culture, power and politics: to define organization and the way in which strategy and strategization affect Turkey and to gain an appreciation of critical reasoning in this country.