Supply Chain Management | e-MBA

Supply chain management (SCM) involves all the management activities that are necessary to fulfill customer demand for a particular product or service. In this regard, SCM transcends the organizational boundaries and reveals itself as establishing and managing a set of relationships among all the participants of the supply chain. Therefore SCM is possibly one of the most challenging areas of management today. This course will provide the essential management skills and tools for designing, organizing, managing and controlling the supply chain from a strategic point of view. It will help students appreciate the strategic importance of the supply chain and develop a set of analytical skills for measuring and optimizing the supply chain performance. It will demonstrate the role of information technology (IT) in supply chain planning, optimization and execution as well as the use of the following electronic commerce business models in SCM: business-to-business (B2B): business-to-consumer (B2C): and collaborative commerce (c-commerce).