Customer Relationship Management | e-MBA

CRM is a corporate philosophy since it is a fundamental approach to doing business. That approach is to be customer-focused and customer driven, running all aspects of business to satisfy customers by addressing their requirements for products and by providing high-quality, responsive service. The philosophy extends to support customer managed relationships (CMR) where the customer is in the driver’s seat, determining the rules of the relationship. Customer-centric companies adopt that customer-focused and customer-driven approach and lead in transforming the business world. Integrating Smart Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions into the overall enterprise information architecture enables companies to more effectively target, interact with, sell to and retain loyal customers. The CRM course provides a vision about CRM fundamentals, the rising importance of strategy, thinking as a customer, communicating with customer, new trends in marketing and CRM empirical evidence with respect to different industries. Additionally, it tries to illustrate that the vital aspects of CRM solution selection and various frequently used CRM solutions such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft etc