Business Analytics and Research | e-MBA

The objective  of the course is to introduce contemporary approaches to diagnose and define the business and management problems and decision making process . Similar to many areas, business, economic and social environment needs to be questioned continuously to make accurate decisions especially when the change is fast and unavoidable. Questioning is the basic step which leads to diagnose the real problem. Diagnosing the real problem is the vital step to bring the right solution. All these phases in decision making process can be achieved either by common sense or by conducting a scientific research. In this course the contemporary approaches to analyse the business world is overviewed and the steps of conducting a scientific research is explained.

Provide the background knowledge for planning the steps of  scientific research process starting from literature survey and problem definition up to the derivations of conclusions from the statistical analysis results. Designing how the steps of the research will be conducted like choosing among the alternative types of the investigation, data collection and analysis methods and then conducting the research according to the selected methods.

Developing the theoretical framework to demonstrate the research model, formulating  and testing the hpothesis of the model. Making the operational definition of variables stated in hypothesis, preparation of the questionnaire or by using the selected data collection methodology collecting  the data.  Analysing the collected data by using Excel and SPSS software and conducting the tests of the hypothesis formulated to a answer the researh question.Choosing the appropriate statistical tools to analyse the data collected. Applying contemporary analytical tools, descriptive and inferential statistical tools and performing multivariate data analysis