Data Analysis and Evaluation | e-MBA

"The aim of this lesson, enriching the basic data analysis of the people-students- who had completed their educational life under different disciplines and who had experienced different working areas. Main idea of the basic data analysis is to give more and more information merely about some events or series of events that we interested. In the light of these informations we will have healthy ideas about the decisions we have to make. In addition, methods developed under the data analysis techniques may help us to decide by advicing some rules. The methods of the data analysis had been developed by the statistics science and now are ready for our use. Although it seems both scary and far, most of us provide benefits from basic methods of statistics without realising them in our daily life. As an example, all of us, we leave our home and go to work everday. We all have an idea that when we should leave the house and we decide our leaving time based on this DATA. About the arrival time, we have an idea that the time may change according to on what the time and day we leave house. This data, even if we didnt call it like that-data- yet, we get this data with the help of both our flashbacks and analysing methods -both of them are the most important statistical devices-. Our experiences give us an idea about the traffic jam which may vary with the vehicle we use on both weekdays and daytime. Although this process had not been systematically completed,our brain unwittingly collects data from our flashbacks, categorize them and points out a final decision for us. For all we know, with the technological developments have been achieved so far, there is no use for the process of analysing made by our brains. Because technological devices like GPS shows us an arrival time from our starting point. It collects many datas which we can't verify/reach and gives us an approximate data. Nevertheless, we prefer to use our data collecting process for our daily routes like between home and work. In accordance with this lesson, we aim to teach you the systematic use of data analysis and its contribution to your decision making process. Finally, with the information you will learn, you will be able to answer some questions like:

Why do my sales decline?
Which marketing tools might attract my clients?
On which level should I keep my stocks ?"