S: Do I have to come to the campus to attend courses?

No. The advantage of the e-MBA program is to provide the students a platform to study without physically being present in a classroom. The students are only required to attend the final exams held at the end of every semester.

S: How can I log-in to BİLGİ Learn platform?

Please visit learn.bilgi.edu.tr to access the online platform.
Your username is the first part of your BİLGİ emails.

Your log-in should look like this:
Username: ahmet.mehmet@bilgiedu.net
Password: Same as the one used for SIS site 

S: Do I have to log-in on a certain time?

No. As long as you have access to the internet, the course notes can be followed at any time and place.

S: Are the core courses available each semester to register?

Yes. The core courses remain open each semester since all the students are obliged to fulfill them.
Elective courses can change each semester and new ones may be available.

S: Where can I reach the application form?

The application can be found here. Please make sure that you are filling out the correct form for the intended program.

S: Is there a difference in diploma and status between diploma in distance education and diploma in formal education?

There is no difference in status between diploma in distance education and formal education diploma.
Our diplomas are approved by YÖK and Online Education expression will be written on the diploma.