Program Structure

The program’s can be adjusted three semesters. Since the core courses are available for each semester, the students can create their schedules with great flexibility bounded by the minimum course limits set by the program. The students can have minimum of two and maximum of six courses per semester.

While attending classes on weekends at santralistanbul Campus, the students have the opportunity to enjoy and partake in the active and colorful academic/social atmosphere of the campus.

The program is made up 5 core courses and 5 elective courses and a final project.

The course content of each course is uploaded to the Bilgi Learn platform every week and remain open until the end of the semester.

Core Courses

The five core courses are designed in order to prepare managers for dealing with the problems encountered in the business world, along with providing them with the appropriate basis for finding applicable solutions.

Elective Courses

The students may choose five elective courses that correspond to their interests from among a list of many alternatives. Elective courses that focus on the fields of finance, marketing and management provide the students with the skills they need for finding practical solutions.

The two-hour long courses are held at santralistanbul Campus on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) between 9:00 – 18:00 hours (please click here for transportation to santralistanbul Campus).

Final Project

Students are responsible for preparing a final project with the assistance of academic staff. The purpose of the project is to provide the student an opportunity to carry out in-depth study on a topic s/he is interested in along with gaining research experience. The student works on the project for one semester, under the supervision of a project guide. Project is assessed with either a fail (“F”) or a pass (“P”) grade and this does not affect the final grade point average.