Mahir Çipil

Mahir Çipil obtained a B.Sc. degree in Business Administration from Hacettepe University. He also studied at Cornell University and London Business School, and received MBA degree. Mr. Çipil currently works as Chief Marketing Officer at Ray Sigorta, subsidiary of Vienna Insurance Group.

He began his career at Prime Ministry, Undersecretariat of Treasury in 2000 and worked at Directorate General of Insurance and Directorate General of Foreign Economic Affairs. During his career at the Treasury, Mr. Çipil actively involved in management of regulatory operations, strategic planning of insurance legislation, establishment of public-private partnership structures such as DASK and TRAMER. In 2010 Mr. Çipil joined Groupama Sigorta & Emeklilik as Head of Strategy & Project Management Office and successfully managed change management programme.

Mr. Çipil joined Zurich Sigorta as Project Management Director. After his taking part in a major bancassurance integration and strategic procurement projects, he was also assigned as Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Committee Member in 2013. He led projects such as brand positioning, product portfolio optimization, restructuring of customer satisfaction function, and establishment of digital channel strategy. Later on he became responsible for all claims functions as Claims Director in addition to his marketing responsibilities.

Mr. Çipil instructed courses on marketing, digital marketing, project management, risk management and insurance at different universities and institutions. Also he is author of four books on risk management and insurance.