Dr. Uğur Özmen

After graduated from METU - Business Administration Department in 1981, he started his professional life in Price Waterhouse Consultancy. He has worked in various service sector companies including consultancy, shipping agency, training, leasing and retail banking for over 30 years. In retail banking sector, he has pioneered and managed many projects which were mostly aforementioned as the “first time and unique projects in Turkey and World”. One of them was the issuance of credit card with installment payment labelled as “TaksitCard” which means “InstallmentCard”.

His another project was the replacement of printed catalog system of the loyalty program bonus points with the online catalog system developed in colloboration with one of the most popular e-tailer company “hepsiburada.com”. Customers of the bank were earning bonus points from the services they use rather than just their credit card consumption which resulted a shift from product oriented approach to a customer oriented approach. He managed many similar project aiming to shift to a customer centric approach from product centric approach through structural and organizational change. The has developed one of the most advanced loyalty card “Positive Card” .

Some of the projects he has managed has been published as success story on international web sites. In parallel to his working life, he has attended his graduate studies. He got his MBA degree after the age of 35, and Ph. D. Degree after his 40’s with a dissertation on “Marketing of Financial Services. He is now working as consultant and trainer on CRM, Payment Systems and Loyalty Programs of big companies and giving consultancy on Internet startups which enables him to understand the needs of the sector. He updates his course content continously acccording to the need and the demand of the sector so that the material he taught is easily applicable to real life projects which pay back soon. By his web site www.uzaktanCRMegitimi.com he provides the most comprehensive turkish content on CRM. Since 2008, he is nominated as “One of the 10 marketing authors to be followed” by various marketing authorities and bloggers. He has been invited as key note speaker, panelist or moderator in various conferences and seminars. He has been teaching at İstanbul Bilgi University since 2003.
For detailed information about him:http://ugurozmen.com/